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Professional diving equipment supplier

Weefine is a brand that specializes in diving equipment products.

 The Weefine brand is a subsidiary of Shenzhen YU MEI MING Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen, China. In 2018, due to business expansion, we registered Foshan Weefine Technology Co., Ltd. in Foshan, China. This formed a development pattern with Shenzhen as the research and development center and Foshan as the production base.

 We place great emphasis on nurturing our talent pool, particularly focusing on the brand's product research and development capabilities. We have a large and professional research and development team, including experienced optical design engineers, electronic hardware engineers, electronic software engineers, structural design engineers, industrial design engineers, and app software engineers.

 The Weefine brand attaches great importance to product innovation and quality. We have introduced a range of superior products, innovative technologies, and cutting-edge features. These offerings have gained recognition and praise from industry professionals and general consumers alike, receiving numerous awards at various exhibitions and events.

We have our own hardware processing center and dust-free assembly workshop. Our company employs advanced ERP system management and has established rigorous work processes and management systems. We prioritize quality control, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and timely delivery. We continuously enhance our work methods and processes to improve product advantages and customer experience.

 We place a strong focus on quality control. Our company is certified and compliant with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2003 and GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 standards. In 2020, we upgraded our Quality Department to a Quality Center, reinforcing our quality control capabilities during new product development and the manufacturing process.

To enhance customer experience, we established a Business Center and Customer Service Center in 2020. We have assembled a professional team of business and customer service personnel, consisting of experienced and dedicated individuals.

Our core values are gratitude, integrity, innovation, development, and win-win cooperation.

 We are committed to continuously optimizing our management system, enhancing our product innovation capabilities, improving our service methods and quality, and elevating our product quality. We strive to provide the best products and services to repay our customers' trust and support.


Company development History

Weefine Solar Flare 13000 Review


Once you start diving into the world of underwater video lights, you will start to feel a need for ever-increasing brightness. The Weefine Solar Flare 13000 might just be the light to satisfy this desire. In this review, we'll explore the Weefine Solar Flare 13000, taking a look into its construction, functionality, and performance to help you determine if it's the right fit for your underwater adventures. I will also compare the Standard version to the Pro version at the end of this review.


On March 26, 2010, Shenzhen Umeing Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Buji Town, Shenzhen.In November 2010, the company moved to Shenglan Industrial Park, Guanlan Town, Shenzhen.


In March 2015, registered the Brand WEEFINE globally


In April 2016, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.In April 2016, mobile phone diving housing won the best Product Design award in Hong Kong DRT Exhibition.In January 2016, implemented a five-year virtual share incentive system.In February 2016, established the Ecological department.


In May 2017, established hardware processing center


In July 2018, Foshan Weefine Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established as the production base in Nanhai District, Foshan City


In June 2019, once again recognized as a National High and New Technology enterprise


In December 2020, established the Indoor Lighting Department


In July 2021, established the Foreign Trade & E-commerce Department, and began to implement the share incentive system

Our Team

We attach great importance to the recruitment and training of talents. We have dozens of design engineers with strong professional ability and rich design experience, including structural design, electronic design, software design, programming, art design and optical design.
For the management of talents, the company has established a complete incentive system, which perfectly combines the interests of employees with the interests of the company, greatly arouses the enthusiasm, creativity and cohesion of employees, and goes all out to give the best products and services to customers and end consumers.

Our corporate culture

Core values: Gratitude, Integrity, Innovation, Development, Win-Win.



Foshan Production Base : No. 101, first floor, building 3, No. 25, Xiebian section, Jiamei building, No. 25, Guangfo road, Xiebian village, Dali Town, Nanhai City, Foshan City


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