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Company culture

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Weefine, a brand of Umeing Technology, focuses on Scuba diving photography equipment. Its manufacturing plant is located in ShenZhen, China.

Since 2009, Umeing Technology has been committed to the diving product research, development, processing and production, and has won the trust and praise of many well-known ODM customers due to its technological innovation and excellent quality. In 2015, we started to create our own brand—Weefine, and launched a number of product series in diving lighting and photographic equipment, in which the Smart Housing won the best design award in Hong Kong DRT exhibition. The design of Ring Light also led the product trend in the industry. In addition, we also continued to work in the fields of underwater lens, underwater multi-function photographic lamp, and underwater flash lamp and so on, and constantly promoted innovative products.



Add: No. 101, first floor, building 3, No. 25, Xiebian section, Jiamei building, No. 25, Guangfo road, Xiebian village, Dali Town, Nanhai City, Foshan City


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